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As Marketing Manager as well as independent consultant Ute Adelmann managed projects around the world for leading companies in the industry. Designing authentic activities for a company has always been her main concern. These can be easy and inexpensive with the right idea in mind or on the other hand with an emphasis  on gaining visability and great effect. In both cases, considering your budget, an ambitious goal can be achieved by keeping sustainability at the same time. 
Always motivated by curiosity she says: "My passion for new things made me travel to the far corners of the earth or to the great cities of the world. At the same time, I enjoy traditions at home and my family keeps me grounded. I am fascinated by the different values ​​of cultures all over the world and the interaction between the generations and society. Watching and given the opportunity to interact, many different needs and idiosyncrasies of people across all cultures and characters can be identified. And all those do react in a different way to communication and marketing. Everyone likes to be approached individually."
What else is important to know? "Furthermore achieving the necessary balance is another major motivation for me. It is expressed by harmony and order. Asians call this balance 'yin and yang'. First of all, every effort should be structured and given a uniform appearance. This can be sometimes annoying and time consuming and seems boring, but structured work is essential for a targeted project management."